Infinite Worlds Data

Zed-1, 2013

Current Affairs

Aftermath of a viral outbreak that turned airborne which allowed the dead to rise again and seek flesh to consume. This world is Quarentined. Any attempted travel to this world is punished by death.

Divergence Point

1988; Infinity agents sabotage a local copy of Van Zandt from researching Parachronics. Instead, marries and has a son who inadvertantly releases a virus in 2011 that re-animates the dead.

Major Civilizations

Western (diffuse).

Great Powers

None; people live in isolated and fortified communities or constantly moving nomadic tribes.

Worldline Data

TL: 8
Mana Level: None
Quantum: 7
Inifnity Class:
Centrum Zone: Inaccessible

Early Infinity missions discovered a copy of Paul Van Zandt on this world in the late 1980s (local time) working on early parachonic theory. Intervention was ordered to protect The Secret and steps were taken to entangle Van Zandt in a relationship where he could no longer dedicate his time to his research. Married an undercover agent in 1990 and had a son, Paul Van Zandt Jr. in 1991. Van Zandt was never able to fully work on his parachronic research again, however, his son went into Bio-Research. In early 2011, a very intelligent and cocky Van Zandt Jr. got an internship at a research lab. On Christmas Eve 2011, caught up in the anti-corporate greed “Occupy” movement much to his fathers distress, Van Zandt Jr. stole a vial from a secret research wing, believing it to be a cure for AIDS being kept from the public, and destroyed a good portion of the lab to cover up the theft. Intending to make a name for himself with the publicity from giving the cure to AIDS to “the people”, he hid in the Occupy DC tent city. That evening at midnight, the police evicted the squating “Occupiers” in a clash that turned violent when the Occupiers started throwing bottles and several fired shots at the police in riot gear. Riot police and bulldozers swept through the park, arresting Van Zandt Jr. in the process as he tried to retrieve the vial. Instead it was smashed inside a tent by boots and bulldozer treads, releasing the airborne virus. While still benign, it spread quickly as gawkers and journalists left the area, spreading further via airport. Several hours later, the virus mutates into it’s present form. From this point on, at a growing number of Hot Spots, any infected that die seem to resurrect and attack the living. The outbreak spreads rapidly across the globe and within the day, civilization has fallen. Tiny pockets of carriers exist in isolation.

Infinite Worlds Data

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